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09 May 2017 @ 09:03 pm

I learned today that a tunnel covering up nuclear waste in the northwest had collapsed, releasing radiation and contaminating the area. They mentioned that the site was once a factory that produced nuclear weapons including the bombs dropped on Hiroshima. The factory has been closed for decades and still hundreds of employees work there on a seemingly endless mission to clean up the nuclear waste that takes thousands of years to decay. I wondered if they even took into account that maybe hundreds of years into the future someone would still be there cleaning up a mess left by an era that would likely only be a footnote in a history book. I wondered if by the time the job is done if anyone still working there will even know what caused the mess in the first place.

Once I have something I don't want it anymore. It makes having things seem meaningless but the drive still exists. I'm not sure why this happens.

Habits make money disappear very quickly. I need habits with beneficial outcomes. Habits with profit.

Maybe it's a problem when you've got a problem and you're addicted to the cure.

Every sip of coffee renews my desire to smoke another cigarette. I should start by drinking less coffee.

Love isn't something you can define. It's not a concept like gravity. It changes along with you. If anything I have more questions now than I ever have in my life. The more I learn, the less I understand. Despite all my attempts at making connections with women there have only bveen a couple that have ever stuck out and only one that seems to stay the same. Sometimes I wonder if that unchanging feeling is what love is.

Remembering the days that felt so long, I miss them.

I only use Windows Media Player to burn CDs. I still burn CDs.

Music genres have become irrelevent.

Drinking wine from the bottle is a good way to drink too much wine.

Drinking too much wine is a good way to forget you have a bed time.

Forgetting you have a bedtime is a good way to screw up your plans for the next day.

Adult life has too many domino effect scenarios. I guess life does in general, but whne you're a kid there are people waiting around to catch the dominos before the whole set falls apart.

I've learned to hate the concept of time, the measurement of time. I always expected it to be like love and stay the same, but it too changes with age. When things are bad time goes on forever, and when you need it most it slips between your fingers like water.

Nobody is going to read this.

That's ok. I just need a way to remember who I was... right now. Becasue I'm getting worse at that. Memory is like love and time.

17 November 2016 @ 10:57 pm

Now seemed like a good time for this entry, so here goes.

It's not that I even feel like this journal matters anymore. If it ever had a purpose, it isn't fufilling that anymore. I chose to write tonight mostly becase I came to the realization that none of my friends care to hear me talk about my on-going existential crisis anymore. I feel like my ability to deeply connect with people has phased out entirely. Probably because I'm a broken record and I've been stuck in the same loop forever while others progress into some version of their potential futures. This has brought on a deadening loniliness in me that I can't quite explain.

Before I get lost into how I feel right now, it's worth noting how I'm doing. Much to my own surprise I'm actually doing "well" in a certain sense, although perhaps that is not the best way to word it because my percieved definitions of the adjectives that define those sort of emotions are skewed. I have a job. A job that beats the shit out of me more than anything I've ever done before, and I keep showing up. That's the amazing part, really. That I keep showing up. I finally ran out of places to run. I knew it was going to happen at some point and it finally happened! It happened just as abruptly as I assumed it would some day. I finally got backed into that corner I had been dreading for so many years and I had to either face the problem or choose certain failure and eventual death. When you don't have money to pay for a roof you are left with limited options, all of which suck. You can't buy food either, and again there are alternatives that also suck. The same goes for most things... you CAN get them for free but you can hardly consider that lifestyle "living" unless you are one of the few gifted with ignorance or a very good sense of self reliance. I have neither of those so, fuck me, right? I also don't have the mental stability to live at the bottom rung of the ladder... So I got a job and I keep showing up so I don't die or have to live in a worse hell than I already live in.

For a while this was supposed to be the answer to my problems. If I just had a job, and my own place, and money... then I would be happy. But I didn't think of how unspecific those 3 things really were in a general sense. I have a job, but it's miserable, it hurts my morals to even be a part of such a disaster. If I had pride before I don't anymore. I have my own palces but I need a roomate. I don't really have privacy, and even when I did at first all I felt like was lonely and afraid of every snapping and creaking sound the trailer I live in made. I have money, but it's all gone before I can spend it and it's not even enough to live well. Not even when I'm being paid above minimum wage and splitting costs of everything. This is a joke, right? This entire year is a joke. I won't even get started on Trump. The world is imploding or something because this year has been the twilight zone of my life. Reality is so much stranger than I could ever have imagined and it seems to get more convoluted the longer it goes on for. Nearly every close friend I had as a child now has kids or is going to have kids soon. Whereas I feel stuck locked in the past somewhere  and forced to watch the future play out around me. Time is going by faster and faster to the point where reality feels tilted forward. 4th dimensional gravity! Or something...

It hurts to be in this part of my life. I am too busy to feel depression. I know I am depressed but I can't properly let it out becasue there aren't enough minutes in the day to make room for crying in my schedule. I feel empty now, like I'm on auto-pilot becasue my survival instincts demand I stay alive for who knows what unfufilling reason. The universe might have something really great planned for me later, I try to convince myself. When really, I could just choke on a green bean after 80 years of living a miserable and pointless existence and die completly unsatisfied with any of it. I am not even sure that's something I'm willing to stick around and find out about. But I probably will try regardless because of that survival instinct shit.

If there is one lesson I have learned from life this year it is this:

They lied when they said it gets better. They knew they were lying.

10 June 2016 @ 11:15 am

It has been a year since I last wrote in here. At the time, I was struggling with the fact that life still hadn't gotten to a comfortable place for me, I was upset that I still had nothing good to report on LJ after all this time... today I can change that.

I decided to write today becasue changes have occured that I can truly be proud of... for the first time in so long! So, in the time since my last entry I have accomplished a few really important tasks. Almost exactly 1 year ago I quit Fentanyl, the major contributor to my opiate addiction. I was never sure that day would come and yet here I am, not having done any Fent in a year! I still have a bit of problem with pills but I've slowed to a very low dosage and I have yet to solve the anxiety behind it.
MOST IMPORTANTLY I got a FUCKING JOB! YES! ME! A JOB! Wow, right? It all happened so fast, too. Walmart hired me very quickly. I have struggled everyday to drag myself in and it has paid off. Im one of the most valuable members on the team according to my boss. That's an honor for me, I'm excelling in an area in my life which I've only ever done poorly in. Big fucking deal for me.

What sealed the deal, and what really solidified my place in this new life was the purchase of my new 2DS and my trip to Nashua yesterday. I actually paid for a game system and gas money to travel for the first time in longer than i remember. I actually earned myself some comfort.

I hope this trend continues, it's great to have something good to write here. Im still quite sick in the head, my anxiety is going strong, but I'm fighting back now.

04 July 2015 @ 02:50 am

2:44am and I am drinking a beer on July 4th. Not a great day... a weird day.

Erika had a bouncy house for the weekend so she invited me over for a bit and I played with her kids a while. I'm so uncomfortable about this... the fact that she gets close to me sometimes then other times she sends different signals. I'm not sure if this is going to work out, I don't think she really wants me around and I don't think I'm emotionally stable enough to be around her if she's not on the same page as me. I love her kids, they are great... but I'm not sure where this is going and it weighs heavy on my heart.

Also, my 2 best friends are leaving. We had an adventure planned... me and Jason and Kyle and Chris were going to mine for gold and just start something new. Instead Chris is moving to NC tomorrow to be with Kyle and tonight Jason got offered a place to stay in Lyman with a friend. I'm left here in Littleton still alone.... ugh. All my summer plans are gone now. I dunno what I'm going to do to stay sane now.

It's late and it's been a very long day. I should go to bed because atm I'm buzzed, I'm stoned, I'm emotional about whats happened today and I feel pretty strange. Everyone else is going on adventures and starting anew and I'm still stuck here hating my life and being lonely. I just want to get the fuck away from here, I hate this place.

28 June 2015 @ 10:20 am

It has been a pretty cool week.


- Boat ride with Erika at the lake

- Portal Stories: Mel

- Gay rights added to constitution


- Drugs

- The rain today

- Cigarettes

Lazy entry is lazy.